New Technologies in Eye Examinations

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Considering that vision loss causes more than 70% of a person’s ability to learn and process vital information, advancements and developments in the optometry field are imperative. For many ophthalmologists, advanced treatments are now replacing older procedures for mitigating eye injuries and congenital diseases like macular diseases.

New and innovative tools and devices have empowered eyecare professionals to practice and offer highest standard treatments for eye care. These advancements in technology in the eye care industry have helped ophthalmologists and other eye professionals to work more effectively to eradicate eye-related diseases.

The first step in discovering and diagnosing an eye problem is in the examination. Digitalized eye examination technology has completely changed the way an eye examination is conducted. Digital imaging eyecare technology offers doctors more precise and detailed information. Some of the new tools for eye examination are:

Vision profiler

This eye examination machines processes scans and provides a detailed profile of your vision; it is much like a fingerprint of your eye. The vision profiler also aids in distinguishing and detecting the difference in your vision from daylight to night.

Lens Profiler

Another eye examination tool is the Lens Profiler. This technology is a digital meter, which is designed to evaluate and measure the current prescription during the examination with high accuracy. This information gives an eye doctor a direction before starting your eye exam for more accurate results.

Digital Retinal Scan

A digital retinal scanner provides convenient and stress-free eye examination. This technology aids eye professionals to make a proper diagnosis of the patient’s eye via a detailed image of the eye. It works by digitally scanning the eye thoroughly, producing an image of your eye’s internal structure. This scan gives the doctor access to a comprehensive and unclouded examination of the eye’s condition. This examination process eliminates any focusing or sensitivity issues of the patient.

These latest innovative developments in technology have made eye examination more efficient, informative, and less bothersome for both patients and doctors while delivering prompt and accurate results. Other research and development are being conducted to broaden the spectrum of treatments and procedures for better treatment of eye diseases.

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